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Local SEO targets the marketing of your business in specific regions while national SEO emphasizes targeting your company on search rankings across the country. Therefore, small businesses find it best to go with local SEO services that generally function at a  regional, rather than at a national level. The main focus of local search engine optimation is to bring new local leads and customers. 

Optimizing your website for local ranking gives you more advantage over other bigger brands by targeting specific keywords to bring more customers and leads within the local area. On the other hand, national-level brands rely on border keywords focusing on leveraging brand awareness rather than building a strong position to bring in traffic.

Despite the various benefits of local SEO sometimes you could fail to get desired results. Thus, to overcome the mistakes, here are the top 5 ways you can make your local SEO successful

1. Make a Google Business Profile 

The first and most essential thing is to create a Google business profile as optimizing on Google listing can help your business to rank higher on Maps as well as to gain high visibility in local search results. Once you have entered all of the necessary and requested details on the dashboard, it will be added to your Google Business profile displaying your info on Google Maps, local search results, and knowledge panels. 

Make sure you follow these set of steps when optimizing your Google profile. 

  • Register a Google Business account and confirm that the company is owned by you.
  • Give precise and current information.
  • Add a lot of photos, your logo, your business’s hours of operation, the products or services you offer, and accepted payment methods.
  • Invite your clients to post online reviews of your company.
  • In response to client testimonials, be truthful
  • Using the Google My Business interface, publish posts to your Business Profile highlighting new items, events, and exclusive deals.

2. Regular Feedback From Customers

Getting affordable local SEO services will help you establish a sound appearance in the digital world with a lot of feedback.  Gaining healthy feedback from your client goes beyond optimizing your Google My Business presence, it allows new customers to try out your brand just by seeing positive reviews. It has also been seen about 85% of customers take reviews as personal recommendations which will have true effects on them. 

Following are some of the useful tips to encourage people to review.

  • After a sale is completed, personally request a review.
  • Request reviews from consumers via text or email after they’ve made a purchase (but only after you’ve verified them using an internal poll to make sure you’re not contacting unhappy customers).
  • React to reviews that already exist professionally, expressing gratitude to reviewers and resolving concerns in less than stellar evaluations.

3. Craft Content On New Stories & Events Happening In Local Areas

Your customer will not get much authoritative content than speaking about the current news taking place in their specific region. Further, an attention-grabbing way for it will excite the audience to read what’s going on at their place.

  • You can write this type of content in the following ways described here.
  • Blog posts based on topics of  current local news, stories, or events
  • Creating content given what participation your company has initiated for local charities
  • Building location-specific web pages which included highly quality local content 

Let’s imagine you own a real estate company locally. You can make distinct web pages, one for each of your locations, and use them to showcase locally focused content related to current affairs or shifts in the neighborhood real estate market. You might be ranked for each particular location using this tactic as well.

4. Optimize Your Website For Mobile

Today it’s rare that someone uses a desktop to seek out your brand or go for online purchasing. Everyone is on mobile and also makes most of their time looking for solutions to their every problem or just scrolling through the internet. So if your site is not mobile friendly, then most of the audience will hardly look into your site and consequently, you will lose customers. 

Here are some ways you can make the site mobile-friendly

  • Get a fast smooth, loading speed, the sign of a good speed is that you do not have to wait for more than three seconds
  • Make sure the font size is big enough to read the text. 
  • There is limited space for filler on a mobile device, so use language and photos wisely and only communicate the information you need
  • Ensure seamless UI & UX

5. Strengthen Your Local Keyword

Your site will be visibly seen on search engines when the keywords are found to be relevant to the search intent of the local customers. With Google Keyword Planner, you will get to know specific keyword searches based on location, thus, giving you insights into the trendy search terms for your desired region. Resultantly it will help you create a list of keywords related to the local region to target. Afterward, when this all’s done the keyword should be put into URL, copy,  meta description

Incorporate references to landmarks and hotspots unique to a region inside your content. For example, if your neighborhood restaurant offers dinner in  Florida, mention on your website that it’s “dining by the  Florida

Location-specific Page 

If your business has more than one location in a region then you must have location pages for that specific area. Also, they must have the following details

  • Name, address, and phone number
  • Individual product description
  • Store Timings
  • Portfolio/testimonials
  • Deals/promotion
  • Location specified on Google Maps 

Concluding Up The Blog

So if your business is looking for an agency to deliver local SEO services from anywhere around the world, make sure their search engine optimization for local regions meets the above-mentioned criteria to get you the top quality visibility on search pages for residents of that specific region.