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The world of digital Media is all filled with AI news and its implementation in different marketing aspects from SEO blogging to social media captions and one-liner posts. Before we start on how AI implementation can effect SEO, it is important to consult with the best SEO company in Florida. Further to know that artificial intelligence will soon impact the results of Google. With something known as search generative experience, Google is planning to integrate AI into search result pages. In the near future, this AI will globally occupy the search engine results.

  • This will cause Google’s home page to display a section on generative AI at the top for some search results.
  • Websites will benefit from the AI’s recommendation of further reading.
  • AI-generated recommendations will be provided in response to product inquiries. 
  • A comparison viewpoint will be applied to local searches.
  • In general, we hope to address more queries in the new AI area without requiring you to leave Google.
  • Anticipate advertisements to remain a key part, integrated into the AI results, and frequently displayed above the AI results.

According to one of the best SEO services Florida, Beta users who have been acclaimed based on the test of search generative experience, these websites will be shown in AI results. These sites will be shown as an answer to the queries asked through AI. The content with user focus intent shows more e-e-eat signals making it more visible in the AI section. 

Be AI Smart 

With the emerging AI trend and need just like a sunrise, how will we work out with AI for effective results? Every day a new tool is launched, and you need to ponder some essential key points to turn your head around for SEO. These key points should include areas where technology gives you effective results and helps you realize essential parts of SEO.

Content Creation With AI

To cut off the time in writing content many writers out there in the market use AI for long content passages. This is completely wrong by the best SEO services Florida as relying just on chat GPT or other tools like that can lose its worth from an engaging point of view and go with the algorithm. 

 Neil Patel conducted a study on the value of AI-generated content across 68 websites and 744 articles. AI wrote half of the articles in their entirety, and humans wrote the other half. Furthermore, human-written material surpassed AI-created content in 94.12% of cases!

Furthermore, is there any need for such AI content that already exists on the website?  Yes AI like chat GPT follows a large language model (LLM) that uses the internet. So it writes that content/ information which you can already find on the internet. 

Also the free version of chat GPT’s data source from January 2022. Getting content from it means you are adding old information, creating not only hallucinations among the audience but resulting in low ranking as well. 

Another important aspect is chat GPT has the same old voice tone usually in a formal robotic one. So unlike humans, it cannot deliver the message with emotions just like a conversational tone to engage the audience. Hence you lost your brand voice by following AI. 

3 Main AI Content Tool

The three most apparent AI SEO tools to discuss are Co-pilot, Gemini, and ChatGPT. These are free generative AI tools that you can use and use; if you wish to pay, you can access more capabilities. 

Gemini is a Google-developed AI model. It can converse and produce writing that is human-like in response to a broad range of queries since it has been trained on a substantial quantity of publicly accessible data. Access to more potent AI models and connectivity with Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides are available in the commercial edition, which costs $19.99 per month.

Chat GPT is held by the artificial intelligence research center OpenAI. A collection of well-known figures in the IT sector, including Sam Altman and Elon Musk, formed OpenAI with the intention of creating artificial intelligence that is both beneficial and safe. In 2019, it made the switch from a nonprofit to a for-profit organization. Microsoft made a similar investment at this moment. Although ChatGPT can be used for free with some restrictions, there is a subscription tier called ChatGPT Plus that costs $20 a month and gives users access to more potent AI models for improved performance.

Copilot is the response from Microsoft to generative AI. It’s available through a variety of locations, including the Copilot website, the Windows sidebar, and Bing Search. Additionally, integration with Microsoft 365 programs including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint is planned. One feature that the other two competitors are unable to provide for free is image generation, which is also included in the free edition. For £19 a month, Copilot Pro provides more strength, speed, and creativity.

Finalizing The Blog

The best SEO company in Florida concluded that with the emergence of smart technologies, we need to also become smart otherwise the wrong use of AI tools could reverse the progressive approach for  SEO ranking. Completely depending on the chat GPT and other software like that could bring negative effects to your SEO approach. Similarly neglecting this advanced tool or being unaware of its use can lead to boring content.