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Every business is looking to get scale on the first page of Google and other search engines. But with time running so fast that already we have jumped on the 4th month of 2024. With every passing year SEO practices are changing and if you are not aware of these, then ultimately you fall behind the competitors and also on this list of brands found on the top search engine list. 

So keep in mind to have the best SEO agency in Florida that not only knows how to do SEO but also familiarizes itself with the latest 2024 trends in search engine optimization and applies them where it’s most needed. 

This article will give you insights into important SEO trends in 2024 rather than an average guide on simple SEO guidelines. So if you are hoping to get the best results then opt for these search engine optimization practices 

Before we move toward what goes into SEO practices in 2024 we look back into last year’s trends. This will reshape the practices to be used this year.

Google is giving importance to the expert author behind the content. We usually see some blog posts but only those stand out which are written by real persons having in-depth knowledge about the topic. This is because it shows the credibility and originality of the content making it according to Google SEO rules to get on the first page. Moreover, Google has now become more professional in recognizing and valuing the authors behind the content while rejecting the AI content. 

AI tools have been used in 2023 to upscale the marketing results. Thus these tools have aided in the flow of the process of SEO from giving idealization to creating content. 

Regardless of Improvements in AI, people’s search behaviors haven’t changed, they use Google search engines to solve their queries. Further, there is not a decrease in organic results while implementing AI tools. 

Originality Is More Important Than Polishing Your Content 

Though AI gives a high vocabulary and professional content, many websites are using AI-based content pages. This counts as plagiarism in Google Analytics as the already published content is being used. Also, there is no addition of experiences and emotions a human can add to the context, so it’s about just relying on AI tools to generate content especially when you are following SEO strategies to rank on the first page of search engines. 

How To Use AI To Scale Up With Search Engine 

The best SEO services company in Florida is smart enough to know how to utilize chat GPT and other AI tools to creatively deliver content while retaining originality and uniqueness. Hence giving quality plagiarized content. Here are the following steps you can take

  • Request AI to serve as your editor and assist you in giving the written work a uniform voice and tone.
  • Compile known information into a summary and shorten the present copy.
  • Make a long paragraph into a series of bullet points.
  • Using the information you already have, create a table.
  • Create headings and outlines (details below).

Outlines seem to build a general foundation or a skeleton of your content that consists of only headings. You can form an outline of how your content is going to start, explain, and end any topic but you have to incorporate your creative mind to write the inside flesh of the content body. This latter doesn’t require any tool except your brain. 

Be careful in the outlines as well. Since you are following just what AI is telling you, you may skip the innovative side to portray the outline from your angle thus not limiting creativity to a technology.

Concludingly it’s not true that AI will take your profession rather it’s about the fusion of both human minds and technology that will lead you into your job.

Hands-on Experience Content On Any Topic Delivers To Be Better Quality Than AI

The real experiences of humans cannot be provided by tools like chat-gpt thus you get the easy way of writing unplagiarized content with your feelings, real-life incidents, and results. It answers all the user’s queries in a strong proven way by the people like them, not robots. Moreover, it fulfills the requirements of Google to be authentic and in-depth. 

As the guidelines of Google have been changed at the end of 2022, telling experiences has become one of the aspects of identifying the reliability of the content. 

For instance, you have personally applied a skincare routine for many years, and revealing its benefits, can help people figure out does this skincare routine helps out with their skin type or not. 

Your personal stories, evaluation of results, feelings, and feedback about products and services can leverage the interest of people in reading the content. Further gives honesty and builds the trust of the audience for it resonates with their life. 

This isn’t just restricted to blog posts or written content rather you can opt for video content on TikTok, Youtube, and Reddit. Because people want to hear and see real experiences, human emotions, and opinions on videos and reels.

Implementation of Author Entities 

As discussed before best revealing the author behind the content, especially for the blogs or quotations on Twitter makes it easier for people to trust and develop an interest in the content. Moreover, it shows the content is authentic. If the author is an expert in that field, it results in enhancing the credibility of the content while also aligning with Google favoring the content created by experts and people possessing great knowledge. 

You can contact us as the best SEO agency in Florida to create for your website the  author entities by the following steps

  • Create pages solely on authors describing their backgrounds, areas of expertise, and professional rewards, posting the links of the best they have written so far in the form of blogs, articles, or social media. 
  • Publishing the content of the same author on other sites also makes it easier for people and Google to know the author is real. Moreover, the author holds a strong position in the digital world. 
  • Experts who have written well-received guest blogs for you should be encouraged to come back occasionally.
  • Publish works on behalf of renowned writers.