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Struggling to have high engagement on posts, videos, and reels? Then do the things rightly.

Social media is the platform for thriving digital marketing services. People are virtually connecting, sharing, and engaging on social media which has exceeded 2.5 billion users worldwide. This value is increasing day by day even after every minute. 

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are virtual worlds where people can talk, share their thoughts, run businesses, shop around, and much more. 

Nowadays digital marketing agencies are utilizing and investing in social media to grow businesses whether it’s a startup or a well-established one. 

Nevertheless, when applying social media tactics many agencies failed to impart it correctly. The reason behind it is unconsciously or unknowingly some mistakes are made in the journey of digital marketing. Read this blog to be aware of those main mistakes most of us are making. 

1. Utilizing Industry Terminologies

Content is the most important firstmost part of social media. You have to be clear and concise in delivering your message to the audience about their interest and needs. However, some agencies add terminological words into their context, which is a common mistake everyone makes to look professional. This causes more difficulty in reading what’s written and confuses the audience. 

Primarily the audience is our target, thus we have to make it as easy to understand as possible to make things work.  

Showing you are highly adept in content writing, you push vocabularies into that. This may reflect your expertise but the common man cannot find its meaning. Hence the message will not get delivered rather resulting in poor engagement.

2. Posting and Ignoring

Are you facing low engagement on social media posts, then one of the major things you are doing is ignoring and becoming a ghost after publishing the post. In other words, it’s also called posting and ghosting which happens when after posting you 

  • Become completely vanish 
  • Not checking on posts even after a week 
  • Inconsistent in posting 
  • Not responding to comments or not even reading them.

Being social is the most significant part of social media which often gets neglected. We spent most of our time on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms but failing to be active on the digital platforms is the major weakness businesses have to overcome.

Further, you see many companies and businesses who post regularly but are not responding to the audience.  This can even lead to loose customers or bringing new ones. 

For instance, you have posted an image of your product i.e. and someone commented on the post to ask about the price, but days passed you haven’t responded, and the customer will feel devalued. It will ultimately result in losing the money easily. 

Furthermore, more people by seeing none responded to previous customers will also end up not by not buying from you. 

The secret key to success is genuine engagement and consistency.

3. Overlooking Analytics

Media Analytics gives you insights into how well your social media performance is going and helps you detect user engagement behavior.  You will be posting irrelevant things that are not interesting to the audience. So neglecting this crucial step can result in ruining the success of your online business

Taking it out of your bag will make you less or not aware of the people’s wants and preferences. Resultantly there will be no use in publishing the post on social media. 

4. Not talking or questioning about the audience

Have you ever seen an Instagram story on a brand’s page asking about your choice, having a general conversation, or informing about upcoming sales? 

This interaction proves to be fruitful in knowing what your customer’s preferences and pain points are. You will get to make amendments to your products and business strategy

People will admire this social media interaction and feel heard. So begin to interact with the audience to listen to experiences. 

The result of your social media game will go all in vain when you don’t communicate with netizens. The following consequences will be made as a result of the negligence of this step: 

  • Surface-level relationships, 
  • Decreased engagement, 
  • No feedback for growth
  •  An unrelatable and robotic presence. 

5. Creating posts related to your products/services

Being a CEO of a company or an entrepreneur, you may be posting solely about the products and services from the selling point of view. This is totally wrong, it may feel like you are the salesperson and the owner is more into selling his goods rather than entertaining or engaging the audience. Moreover, like it’s a robotic page

We have to feel and understand the emotions of the people as well. Crafting content that not only promotes your products but focuses on bringing happy and emotional feelings to the people towards that brand.

You can do this through the art of storytelling, creating memes, sharing experiences and client reviews, posting informative content, and much more to excite them to have a connection with your brand that goes beyond being a customer-seller thing. 

By doing this you will ultimately see the difference in followers with the positive increase of quality audience. Your post should communicate how well it can solve their problems and bring ease. 

Finalizing The Blog

After reading this blog You must be wondering if your digital marketing agency’s services are fulfilling the needs of true social media branding. Above are the five major mistakes many of us are making in handling digital platforms. If you are doing any of the five it’s time to quickly avoid that to get more reach and to have a strong online presence.