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The Inside Story of Our Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Ever heard the terms “real estate Facebook marketing” or “real estate Instagram marketing?”

77% of the consumers are more likely to buy from brands they are following on social media. 77% of the realtors actively use social media in any form. Only 47% of them note that an immense increase in leads as compared to other resources.

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook marketing for real estate agents and real estate marketing using social media is the ability to highlight the offerings. You can share your thoughts with the clients on a lighter note, spreading a gesture of respect and care.

Normally, potential buyers don’t like scrolling out for different companies offering social media marketing services for real estate. All they want are the PROOFS and the results!

It’s time to give your brand the right voice it deserves. Through social media marketing for real estate agents, we craft the right strategy for optimized growth and generate leads. With creative minds and purpose-built content, we make your business or service come to life.

Give us a try if you are thinking of boosting your brand’s efforts in real estate social media marketing. Discover what sets us apart and we are sure you’d be amazed!

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What Makes Us the AUTHORITY in Market?

  1. Organic Social Campaigns
    With the right scheduling and posting of social posts, we constantly monitor your brand engagement and interaction. We keep on researching for fresh content that generates a higher engagement rate and interacts well with the audience.
  2. Social Reputation Management
    Our social experts are proficient at managing your digital reputation. We achieve this by constantly monitoring the social media reviews, social media feedback and sentiments. The overall engagement rate is also tracked for performance measurement.
  3. Data-driven Paid Campaigns
    For best targeting your company, we create custom audiences for your brand. With continuously monitoring your high-performing social and paid ads, we make sure to run effective data-driven paid ads.

We Generated 15-20 Potential leads for Ali Saqlain Each Month!

Ali Saqlain is an emerging real estate investment and consultancy firm for finding and securing the best property.    

Through our real estate social media marketing, we helped them achieve 15-20 leads per month. We stood with them and witnessed their business growth. The results were achievable due to continuous engagement with audiences across different social communities and the results’ monitoring.




At Johnny’s Digital, we create awareness in people regarding your services using an organic approach on all social media marketing platforms. This lets us ensure more followers for you and set your brand on the success path. We make sure to uplift your brand awareness and make more people know about it.



Considering the current real estate situation, it has one of the lowest engagement rates with users. Therefore, engagement is highly required to keep your followers more informed about your services. Our social media specialists continuously monitor your social profiles and manage interaction with followers.



Witness greater brand engagement with more visual content for your followers. We create eye-catchy graphics and animations that make your social media posts more convincing. This drives more traffic and adds to your website’s traffic too.



Specializing in real estate Facebook marketing, we help your firm reach audience utilizing a highly targeted approach. This results in more leads and creates more brand awareness and engagement. We target people’s interests, cater their needs and convert them successfully into prospective leads.

The 3 Step Success Scenario

Here’s what makes us a preferred choice when it comes to selecting an authentic, result-driven real estate social media marketing agency:

Our strategic thinking is purely driven by in-depth research and consultation that ensures the right, customer-centric solution in place  
We creatively determine the common ground that inspires your buyers and exhibits the true values of your business across social media
We love to go an extra mile for our clients. Ensuring a competitive standout, we bring out our expertise to enhance your brand engagement on social media.

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

1. Social Profiles management

Selecting and buying and property is a difficult decision to make, the same is its marketing. With our Facebook marketing, you are assured of complete automation of your content and social pages’ optimization. Get in touch today to get started with successful Facebook marketing campaigns.

2. Expertise

We have been into real estate marketing for quite long and can help you witness the desired business growth. Our extensive industry experience and sound knowledge of social media platforms and techniques is what makes us stand out.

3. Exceptional Customer Service

We believe in delivering quality results to our clients, with clear goals in mind. We have dedicated specialists for marketing your business across Facebook communities and groups. This ensures the right delivery of your brand message to the right audience.

Bringing Imagination, Passion and Experience in Equal Measure

For generating quality leads and earning instant revenue, you require services of an experienced real estate social media marketing agency.

Why look for others when we are right here to serve you with the best of results?

We are a real estate social media company that believes in insights and results. Whenever you feel like your scheme is going to rightly hit the consumers’ interests, let us add creativity to it.


Struggling with leads? Let us show you the clear path to real estate social media marketing success!


Struggling with leads? Let us show you the clear path to real estate social media marketing success!